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Laughter, My Best Buddy!

Laughter has been my best buddy as far back as I can remember. I grew up with a father who loved to make people laugh. He was always smiling and laughing.

As a young child I was very sensitive, I mean super sensitive. If you looked at me, I thought you were either talking about me or laughing at me. I wish Laughter Yoga had been part of my life back then. I might not have been so self conscious and unsure of myself.

Many times I found myself sad, afraid, alone and crying.Though I was insecure, fortunately I was also unbelievably resilient.
So many times we’re told when we’re young,
Be quiet, stop talking, this isn’t the time or place to laugh.

So when is?

One day while visiting friends of my parents, I came running to my dad crying that their children were ignoring me . BOO HOO!
He sat me down and told me that if I could make them laugh, they would want to play with me. Everyone loves to laugh.

It turned out that I was a natural laughter catalyst.
All I needed was permission to laugh and my fathers encouragement.

Laughter was my way of releasing the everyday hurts of being a child and teenager.
(You remember how tough it was to fit in.)
I learned very young if I wanted to feel better all I had to do was laugh. No use crying over spilled milk.
You’ve heard the expressions, Laughter is the best medicine, or laugh it off, well even when I was young I knew how important it was to let go.
I never forgot these expressions and lived by them through the tough times and the good ones. So instead of crying, I laughed and regained my perspective on life in a positive way.

In 2002 I started my journey to becoming a Holistic Practitioner delivering through spiritual guidance, Hands on Healing encompassing Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and Touch for Health.

I was aware that I needed another technique to add to my personal healing tool box, but was not sure what that might be until 2010.

I started working at SRH Health Foods where I’ve gained enormous knowledge of natural food supplements. I started a daily regime of supplementation to better my chances of a healthier lifestyle and to help others do the same.

It was then I heard about Laughter Yoga, and started attending weekly sessions for the fun of it. There, I realized again how laughter could release pain, stress, frustration and loneliness. My missing tool had been found!

Laughter Yoga gave me the opportunity to be silly, tap into my child-like spirit, be around others who love to laugh and to share this unique concept with those who had forgotten how to laugh.

In March, 2010 I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, accredited by Dr. Madan Kataria’s School of Laughter Yoga. In the past two years I founded and continue to facilitate Hamilton Grooves with Laughter, The Pied Piper of Laugh-a-Lot Program for Children and Living Healthier Lifestyle Seminars through Laughter Yoga to profit and not for profit organizations.

I volunteer my time to run and lead Laughter Yoga sessions every Sunday morning year round at the Hamilton Waterfront, Pier 8.
Club members can tap into their child-like playfulness, release stress, dump depression, boost their immune system and feel part of a positive community.

I have met many wonderful people who are motivating, encouraging, supportive, inspiring and happy. I love tapping into my happy inner child on a daily basis because miracles start to happen.

Dreams come true.

In November 2011, I introduced Laughter Yoga on the MSC Poesia cruise ship. In Key West, Florida I helped thousands of people laugh for no reason. (Well, I did have this corny chicken hat on my head.)

I’ve always encouraged people to laugh, be happier, but on a smaller scale. Now I’m able to motivate, inspire and transform thousands of people, young and old, through my Laughter Yoga classes and seminars in both Canada and the USA.

Helping people to bring more laughter and joy into their everyday lives so they can live a healthier lifestyle has become my joy, my passion, my love.

Since I became a certified leader I have facilitated Laughter Yoga presentations across Ontario at corporate events, public schools, day cares, colleges, universities, retirement homes, Gilda’s Club, NAPCC, financial institutions, recreation centres, church functions, Community Living and Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club.
I have also been blessed to laugh with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s support groups, Good Shepherd, Grandmother’s of Steel, HAPA, Huntington Society of Canada, brain injury/cancer clinics, health and wellness events, retreats, hospitals, hospices, women auxiliary groups and outside events at City Hall.

In addition, I hope to follow Dr. Katarias example, and bring Laughter Yoga sessions to those in detention centres and prisons.

Courtney Corbeil from McMasters radio station CFMU FM 93.3 invited me twice to be a guest speaker on her show talking about Laughter Yoga and its many benefits, along with CBC Radio One and Jill Robinson from Blog Talk Radio.

In the Hamilton, Ontario, area, I have appeared on CTS Network television, CHCH, Hamilton Community News and Cable 14 News Hamilton where they interviewed me about the concept of Laughter Yoga and asked fellow laughers about the benefits they have been receiving. I even traveled to Oshawa to be a special guest on Rogers TV, Easter Monday, 2013.

I also have Laughter Yoga bi-lines published in twelve different health magazines, and am planning to submit follow-ups shortly.

Laura and IMy dream of taking the teacher training with Laura Gentry, an ordained minister in Iowa, came true in October 2012 at the Assisi Heights Spirituality Center in Rochester, Minnesota. Laura has established a rewarding and fun-filled, part-time career in Laughter Yoga.

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, my first Laughter Yoga Leader training was in June 2013.

During the month of July 2013, I had the opportunity to spend a month spreading my wings in my first play called “Green Being Green” written by Peter Ormond for the Hamilton Fringe Festival. My part was Love and Laughter. How fitting! I met many wonderful and inspiring people from this amazing experience.
Friends forever were made in the celebration of this play.

Very good, very good, YEAH!

There are so many possibilities when you are empowered with laughter.

My mission is to encourage laughter everywhere I go, every day, with everyone, beginning with the young to those who are young at heart in all walks of life. My goal is to create a world where healthy people come together in harmony and peace, creating a lifetime of happiness for one and for all. My purpose is to lead by example so I can laugh forever in the minds of others.

Now for my next dream, traveling the world laughing.



Laughter tip: It takes two hours to clear cortisol (stress related) out of your blood stream. Cortisol shuts down your immune system for two hours making you susceptible to colds and viruses.
Recommendation, laugh for ten minutes to help decrease the levels of cortisol.

Kathryn Kimmins, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
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Kathryn is also a member of…..
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Justin Kimmins in Fiji

Justin Kimmins in Fiji

Let ‘Your’ Spirit Soar

“Laughter is easy to pack, it’s LIGHT in a suitcase.”

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  “Laughter Yoga on the Phone” was created by Gaga Barnes in California

In Dec 2006 she started with one call a day. Now she and her husband, Kevin, lead laughter on the phone 4 times a day! Other laughter leaders and teachers are now also hosting calls, so at the moment there are 36 calls a day in Canada and the US!

All calls are lead by Certified Laughter Yoga teachers and leaders. All calls are as unique as the individual who leads it. Try them all and find the one that suits you best. Laugh daily and benefit.

The call is FREE, though it is a teleconference line so access to the line may incur long distance fees if you do not have a national plan on your phone.


 For more information about Laughter Yoga on the Phone please visit www.LaughterYogaOnThePhone.com

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Do you recall a friend saying to you, “Have a good day, take care.” Why not add: Keep laughing.”   Kathryn Kimmins