One Foot Standing

This sounds easy, right? But wait until you try it. This is what you foot standing
Standing with your hands hanging naturally on the sides, CLOSE your eyes and lift one foot (no need to lift it too high, as long as it is not on the floor). Closing your eyes is the key here, because, when you are able to see, the balance of the body is actually adjusted by the reference objects your eyes see. If you can’t see, the body’s balance will be controlled by the brain nerves by balancing all the organs. Therefore, you have to concentrate, so the energy and blood can flow down to the standing foot. 

There are six meridians passing through each leg, so by doing this foot standing, the weaker meridians get worked out and strengthened.
In the beginning, you probably won’t be able to stand for 5 seconds without touching the floor. You may want to use a wall or chair for security reasons.
You should be able to do it longer and longer, however, if you keep trying.

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly from the stomach and up into the upper chest and breathe out just as deeply and slowly.

In between each foot standing, laugh and move around while flapping your arms like a Pink Flamingo while laughing for one minute. You’ll not only engage your body in a psychological and physiological workout you’ll also increase oxygen to your brain and strengthen the memory muscles and oxygenate your blood and rid your lungs of stale oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This exercise is very effective for preventing and relieving high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, neck pain, cerebellum disorders, senile dementia, and sleeplessness. If you always have cold feet, one foot standing will offer fast help. It is a very easy and effective anti-aging technique.

A one or two minute of one-foot-standing and laughing every day will prevent most aging diseases. Again, it is all about normalizing the body’s energy and blood flow. When they are free and smooth, there will be no health problems.

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