Speaking Engagements

Kathryn has facilitated presentations, and led and taught laughter yoga across Ontario at corporate events, colleges and universities, retirement homes, financial institutions, recreation centres, church functions, outside events at Hamilton’s City Hall, hospitals, health and wellness events, retreats, hospices and women auxiliary groups. Audience numbers have exceeded 600 participants laughing for no reason.

An enthusiastic and infectiously positive speaker, Kathryn Kimmins energizes attendees and directs unforgettable laughter experiences. Kathryn’s workshops dissipate stress while refocusing attendees. Cheeks get rosy; eyes clear and twinkle; impish grins are everywhere to be seen; the room rapidly fills with friendly smiles and the air acquires the fragrance of joy. Her educational and experiential classes serve to boost morale, improve retention, and encourage team-building and creativity. As a laughter specialist, Kathryn has appeared on CTS Network Television, CHCH News, Hamilton Community News, Cable 14 News Hamilton, Rogers TV and McMasters radio station FM 93.3-CFMU.


Living Healthier Lifestyle Seminars through Laughter Yoga can also benefit:

  • Executive or Staff trainings and Retreats, Symposiums,
    special events, conferences, conventions
  • Wellness Fairs,  Support Groups, Hospitals
  • Day Care, Public/High Schools, Retirement Homes,
    Long Term Care  Facilities       
  • Youth Organizations, Birthday parties
  • Bridal/Baby showers, One to one coaching, Prisons

Connect with Kathryn Kimmins

 Call Kathryn direct at: 905-574-1765

Email: info@laughyourselfhealthy.ca

“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.”
~~Bill Keane, American writer and creator of The Family Circus comic strip