Laughter Yoga for Cancer and Dialysis Patients

cancer 2Laughter Yoga for Cancer Support Groups

Laughter Yoga is a great therapeutic alternative that combines laughter exercises with yogic deep breathing, for a complete workout of wellness.

Cancer patients are so focused on getting rid of the toxins in their body that they lose touch with their innate ability to heal. Studies have shown that a great way to access that part of your inner healing is to rediscover fun and play. Laughter Yoga and laughter in general:

  • counter stress and fear by releasing chemicals that reduce stress within minutes.
  • promote a positive outlook when hearty laughter eases depression, especially when practiced within a group of peers.
  • help deal with pain when the brain releases endorphins. More than two hours of pain relief is provided by a typical laughter yoga session.
  • oxygenates the body. Ongoing research shows a strong relationship between oxygen in our cells and the development of cancer. Just ten minutes of hearty laughter leaves the body and major organs super-oxygenized.

Laughter Yoga is also a new way for the family to reconnect with their loved one with cancer, on a level other than medical appointments and therapies. They learn to laugh together again. Our bodies don’t know the difference between a fake laugh and a real one, so “forcing” yourself to laugh will help in reconnecting with your inner spirit, which may have been robbed from you because of this cancerous toxin.

I’m a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher currently facilitating Living Healthier Lifestyle seminars through Laughter Yoga to many organizations such as churches, hospitals, hospices, Boards of Education, wellness retreats, senior centres, and retirement homes across Ontario. I help people live a joyful, healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

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Laughter Yoga for Those on Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis – Definition
Dialysis is an artificial process used to remove water and waste substances from the blood when the kidneys fail to function properly.

It’s Process
It generally works through osmosis and filtration of fluidacross a semi permeable membrane with the use of a dialysate.

Dialysis is most commonly prescribed for patients with temporary or permanent kidney failure. People with end stage renal disease have kidneys that can’t remove fluids from their body.

Dialysis alone does not effectively remove all the waste from the body and in between treatments toxins and waste products continue to build in the body. One way to assist the body in between dialysis appointments is to eat a physician approved renal diet. A dialysis diet will limit the waste produced, maintain a balance of electrolytes, minerals and fluid in patients who are on dialysis.

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“Play is one of the highest spiritual forms of being.
When we’re in that state, we get lost in ourselves.
which allows the mind to receive the message of the spirit.”
~~Ellie Katz, American scientist and playologist