Justin Kimmins in Fiji

Justin Kimmins in Fiji

Welcome to a new year – and a new you. At this time for reassessing goals for the future, it is important to realize progress may be stalled due to unresolved failures of the past. It is not due to incompetence or unworthiness, but rather to a lack of attuning to the co-creation with the energies that are available to us.

Past failures may cause us to become lazy and discouraged and prevent our ability to co-operate with current energies. It is as if lasting soul-wounds are inhibiting our ability to move forward.

Co-creating with the universe involves energetically co-operating with the flow of circumstances that shows up in our lives. Whenever you get in touch with the stirrings of your soul, follow your passion and listen to your deep heart-felt yearnings, you are co-creating with the universe (God, creator, Great Spirit). A mentor, like-minded friends, and social networking groups are avenues of assistance, if those individuals are positive, and able to step out of their comfort zones.

Develop awareness of signs of encouragement from the universe and engage in moments of searching for inward clues to inspire your initiatives toward success, happiness, good health and abundance.

Start by making a list of everything that you want to do and everything you want to become by the end of your life. Set big goals for things you think you wouldn’t be able to accomplish and look at other possibilities that are related to what your dream is.

Having a plan B, C and D also helps to set fire to your deepest desires.

Co-creating your life comes from the heart, feel the energy and the excitement and engage in play, music, laughter and dance, the four elements of joy, then watch your spirit soar.

With  Playful Heart,